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The history of online casino portals

The online casino industry is always looking to make things easier for the players that it works to service. Through increased innovation online casinos on an individual basis have never been any easier to use. While there is no denying that the industry is working wonders to build upon its longstanding foundations, it can still be a complicated landscape to navigate through. From promotions to payouts, the industry is growing at an extremely quick rate, for that reason online casino portals have become all the more relevant. Sites like give players access to exclusive freespins promotions at a large amount of various casinos.These sites have made it easy to find the very best online casino bonuses, improving the online casino playing experience on a whole.  Online casino portals are darted all around the World Wide Web these days, but that wasn’t always the case. The roots of the idea first emerged back in the 1990s and it has been on quite the journey since. The following strolls back through time to look at the long-standing and often evolutionary history of the online casino portal.

Let’s all step back into the 1990s, 1998 to be specific. Online casino gaming is establishing its foundations, but critics still labelled such as a simple gimmick. No one at the time would have predicted where the industry would be 10 to 15 years later, as online casino gaming would go on to find much more than just a “niche audience”. It is now truly a part of the mainstream. How it has managed to reach this point is through extensive user input. Back in the day online casinos certainly had their faults. Players at the time were lacking a vehicle in which they could vent their opinions on what was being offered, that was until the very first online casino forum opened its doors.

As more and more online casinos got up and running, the member numbers of online casino forums steadily began to grow. It seems that players were enamoured with this new way of voicing both their praise and frustrations with the industry at the time. The presence of such forums certainly didn’t escape the attention of industry professionals, as affiliate programs were introduced to create a working relationship between online casinos and online casino forums. These programs allowed the forums to make money by directing players towards certain online casinos over others. It is this “working relationship” that would eventually lead to the creation of the world’s first online casino portal.

While there is no denying that online casino forums were an effective research tool for players, at times they were often cluttered. They certainly weren’t the one-stop-shop resource that many players were looking for. Addressing such problem, some players started to take the information featured within online casino forums and compiled them into a single website. Dealing in the facts, online casino portals slowly became the online casino research tool that many players had been longing for. Pooling online casino related information including previews, reviews, bonuses, promotions, and offers, these websites would grow to become the right hand man of millions of players around the world.

Some online casino portals are specifically focused on giving out the best available promotions to players. At these sites, you can usually find bonuses and free spins that are exclusivey and you won’t be able to claim anywhere else. As an example, you can get free spins without deposit with – look no further!

In 2015 online casino portals are practically everywhere, but their journey to mainstream acceptance has certainly been (at times) both long and controversial. While these websites still may not be to everyone’s tastes, there is no denying that an online casino portal can get you where you want to go within the world of online casino gaming.